Norman White


Norman White joined the club in 1996. He is one our best woodcarvers. He usually carves from a single block of bass wood using only a few tools.
I was born April 8, 1934 in Tyronza Arkansas. I moved to El Paso Texas when I was about four years old and there I was raised and worked until my retirement. My dad being a carpenter there was always pieces of wood lying around that I could whittle on. I must have got my first pocket knife when I was about eight years old; I cut myself many a time playing with it. As for as serious carving I didn't start carving untill after I retired in 1996. Since then I default most of my time to my art of wood carving. I have always had the ability to look at a piece of wood and visualize some carving that I want to do. I usually don't use a pattern except for the one in my head. After I retired I moved to my summer home in New Mexico on top of a 10,000 foot mountain in a little town called Cloud Croft. The town only has about 500 residents, full-time. Most of these people either own a restaurant or a souvenir shop. A gallery in Cloud Croft handled most of my pieces for tourist sales. Business was quite good because of people who come there was there to spend money.

After moving to Melbourne, Florida I was a snowbird. I stayed here six months of the year. In 2001 I started living here full-time at the park. I found property and built my home in 2003.

Here are some of my pieces that I hope you will enjoy.

Norman White



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